A lover of classic wooden rowing boats and a loving father and friend. 

Darryl J. Strickler went out for a row on October 12th, 2015 and passed into eternity. He is survived by his five children and nine grandchildren. He was preceded in death by a son. He will be greatly missed and forever remembered by his family and friends.
Darryl John Strickler was born August 12th, 1942 in Coatesville, PA to C. Ray Strickler and Ruth Smith Strickler. He was the 8th of their 10 children. He started building boats and sculling at the age of 12 and enjoyed telling stories of his early outdoor adventures. He graduated from Millersville (PA) University in 1964 and from SUNY Buffalo with a Doctorate in Education in 1972. He worked in the field of education and also worked as a business consultant across the United States, England and Australia. He wrote several published books including Rowable Classics and Solar Spaces. He was also an architect who designed and built modern, innovative homes.
Darryl had a passion for wooden rowing shells. He owned and rowed literally hundreds of wooden single, sculling boats and wooden oars. He had firsthand experience with virtually every major sculling boatbuilder’s boat and oars. He wrote the book Rowable Classics that tells of the background and development that has gone into making single rowing sculls. He taught numerous people how to scull using personal instruction, video feedback and other innovative methods of instruction. After retiring from the business sector, he dedicated himself to the preservation and promotion of these “rowable classics.” He was known across the world for these efforts and his generosity in teaching and training other rowers, encouraging everyone to enjoy and commune with nature, and spend time on the water as he loved to do.
As we remember him, we can shed tears that Darryl is gone, or we can smile because he lived.
We can close our eyes and wish he would come back, or we can open our eyes and see all that he has left.
Our hearts may be empty because we cannot see him, or we can be full of the love we shared.
We can turn our back on tomorrow and live yesterday 
or we can be happy for tomorrow because of yesterday.
We can remember Darryl and only that he is gone, or we can cherish the memories and let him live on.  
We can cry and close our mind, be empty and turn our back, or we can do what Darryl would want:
Smile, open our eyes and go on, think positively, and in his words, 
“Follow your passion, do good work… and Row Wood!”

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